Wall-less Rebounding with Efi Sports Medicine’s PlyoRebounder

Medicine balls are useful tools to help develop explosive power, core stability, balance and coordination. Performing heavy med-ball exercises against a wall drives power training but lacks versatility. Cut out the wall and enhance functional and sports-specific conditioning with an innovative piece of equipment that offers multi-directional, high-velocity return.

Efi Sports Medicine® has released their latest dual-ring PlyoRebounder® — a versatile functional training apparatus for wall-less med ball workouts. A new double ring helps protect the springs when using heavy med balls weighing 20 pounds or more.

Recognized strength and conditioning coach, Todd Durkin, says PlyoRebounder is an essential addition to his training toolbox.

“The PlyoRebounder allows for a vast amount of multi-planar movements,” said Durkin, the owner of Fitness Quest 10 and Todd Durkin Enterprises in San Diego. “I sometimes even use two or three PlyoRebounders at once which allows me to train multiple clients in the same drill with dynamic, reactionary movements that even a wall can’t offer.”

PlyoRebounder provides controlled, consistent rebounding to enhance proprioception, agility and hand-eye coordination, while also allowing for deceleration training.  The speed in which the medicine ball returns from PlyoRebounder’s trampoline surface requires users to stabilize their core during the eccentric phase of catching to develop quick-response plyometrics and improve reaction time for sports performance training.

The beauty of PlyoRebounder is the “return.” Clients get fun, results-driven reaction training and clubs expand their range of fitness offerings.