“First Things Come First– The Importance Of The Fundamentals”

The holiday season not only brings us time to spend with our families, but also a time for sports.  At the collegiate level, football, volleyball, tennis, and cross country are all in season.  Then at the professional level, we can watch basketball and football athletes compete with such ease.  However, it’s hard to think that at one point, these professional athletes could only do the basics in their respective sports. At times even with their advanced skills these athletes still go back to the basics.  As a coach, I see first hand the importance of the fundamentals.  The athletes I work with constantly want to move forward to more advanced skills and do not understand the importance of first learning the foundational skills on which to build upon.  I find that I do the same thing in life.  I want to be farther ahead but I miss the importance of where I am to where I’m going.  Even if it’s an area where I am more advanced, I find that if I continue to go back to the basics, I can make all that I have built upon even stronger. Next time you are faced with a road block, remember how important it is to build that foundation in order to succeed.  First things must come first.


Cara Regas earned her bachelor’s degree is Psychology from University of California, Santa Barbara. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport Psychology from San Diego State University. At UCSB, Cara was an athletic training student for intercollegiate athletics and has since become a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC).  She worked with all team sports and traveled specifically with Track and Field/ Cross-Country, Women’s Softball, and Women’s Soccer.


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