BE GREAT! Commitment #1 Believe In Yourself!


You can do things no one else can do!!

Everyone has a special talent or skill they can do better than anyone else.  Just because you don’t succeed at one thing, doesn’t mean you can’t be the best at another.  Your job is to find something that you are good at and become GREAT at it!

Create a plan and follow it.  If the plan doesn’t work, create a new plan!

If you want to be GREAT at something, you can’t just wake up and hope for the best.  You have to have goals and make a plan.  That way if things don’t work out, you can look at your plan, change it, and try a different approach. There is no such thing as failure, just opportunities to change.

Always give it your all!

Samurai warriors were some of the bravest, most fierce warriors ever.  They would go into battle with swords against guns.  They attributed their bravery to the fact that they lived their lives “giving it their all” to be great warriors.  They trained as hard as they could, they ate as well as they could, they gave it their all to be a great person.  They knew they always gave their best effort in everything they did so when they went to battle, they were as prepared as they possibly could be. Think about how you could “give it your all” every day.

Make other people raise to your standards, don’t lower yourself to theirs!

We worry all the time about what other people think and do.  We go into games worried about our opponent, we go to school worried about how hard a test will be, we go to our friends house worried what everyone will think of us.  When you are truly GREAT, you set the standard!  Instead of worrying about your opponent, work hard so they worry about you!  Instead of being worried about a test, study so hard that there’s no way you can fail.  When you are with others, be the most honest, friendly, and caring person there.

Believe in Yourself and BE GREAT!

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