Daily Nutrition Countdown The 5,4,3,2,1 Rule




5 Meals a Day

Eating multiple times per day keeps your blood sugar constant and your metabolism on “high”.  This way, you don’t store fat and the nutrients you take in help support lean muscle mass!  Not to mention curbing the temptation to gorge on high sugar and fat food.

4 Pints of Water (More for athletes!)

Our bodies are made up of a large amount of water.  Nearly every process in the body requires water.  If you don’t drink enough, it makes it hard for your body to shed fat, control temperature, get rid of toxins, and create energy.  If you’re really active and are exposed to heat, you need even more!  Drink until you pee clear!

3 Eat every 3 Hours

Eating frequently ties hand in hand with all of the benefits of eating multiple meals.  We have to learn to prevent hunger!  Hunger is too powerful of a motivator to eat the wrong things!  Get a stop watch that beeps every three hours.  No excuses, do it!

2 Or less ingredients in the food you eat

I’m not talking about a salad with 10 vegetables.  I’m talking about a cracker with 15 ingredients that you can’t pronounce.  The additives in our food are creating quite a few health problems in our country.  If you stop and think logically, our bodies were not designed to digest and utilize test-tube food.  Companies are drastically increasing profits by minimizing the actual food product in the processed food we eat.  If it was here 10,000 years ago, eat it! If it wasn’t, don’t.

1 Day per week to eat whatever you want

There are foods that may not be the best for us, but we have grown up with them and we like them.  While we really need to minimize these foods, it doesn’t mean you can never have them.  I am a fan of being “nails” on Monday through Friday.  I mean you eat  perfect during those days.  On the weekend, you can eat some of the foods that you like, but aren’t that good for you.  Go out to dinner, have a dessert, etc.  You really do need to strive for “perfection” during the week.  Ice cream does taste better when you have it once a week as opposed to every night.  The “day off” concept is important because when you learn to exercise discipline over your eating habits, you don’t want to feel like you are in “food prison.”

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