The S’s Of Success Training Youth

By Jeff King, C.S.C.S., MA, Fitness Quest 10

Being a member of the training staff at Fitness Quest 10, I sometimes sit back and ponder what makes our athletic programs unique from others around the country? I began to think about our own training philosophy towards young kids and what we try to implement with each session to ensure that kids get a great experience and that parents see tremendous value for their children.  If the parents hear from their kids they like their training and they are getting a lot out of it, the more likely they will continue to reap the benefits of long-term success. There are four things we want all our young kids to experience after the end of each and every session. These are called “The 4 S’s of Success.”

Sweat – Let’s face it– most young athletes want to see and feel they have been through a workout. And we want the same thing! Parents want to know their kids are doing something productive during their training sessions, they are developing fully, and they are being challenged maximally. What better way than to see your kid sweaty and breathing hard during and after a workout. This does not mean run every kid to the ground to the point they cannot move after their session. I am talking about elevating their heart rates and pushing them out of their comfort zones. Keep kids active and engaged throughout the entire session and you will get on most occasions a kid who is appropriately challenged and tired at the end.

Smile – One of the most important things a young kid can do within a session is smile. This importance is even heightened when dealing with a shy and reserved young athlete. If kids are smiling during a session, chances are they are enjoying their training, engaged in their training, and responding to the coaching. Having a kid smile during his or her training can go a long way in developing long term training success, trust, and friendship.

Success – Every client, no matter what demographic, wants and needs to experience success. I strongly feel experiencing success is most important for young kids. They are at an age where there are in the progress of developing confidence and self-esteem in all aspects of their lives. Experiencing success during training will have them wanting more, sharing it with their parents, and having it carry over to other areas of their lives such as school. The take home message is simple: kids need to be challenged to the point where they reach success but that they always know another level exists.

Smart – This point is often overlooked by trainers who work with young athletes. Young athletes should have a basic understanding of the rhyme and reason to the workout. This doesn’t mean that you have to break down every single biomechanical movement of an exercise. What I do mean though is how you can take an exercise and make sure your athlete understands how it can help him or her in their respective sport. My experience proves that kids will be more likely and willing to do any exercises if they understand how it will help them. Kids are smart and we always pay careful attention to just the right amount of coaching.

There you have it:  “The 4 S’s of Success.”  We strive to achieve all four points with every young kid, athlete, and client we train. Our role as coaches should not only be to make every kid stronger, faster, and more fit, but make them an overall better person also. We value and honor the opportunity to work with kids. Each time with them lends us the opportunity to mold them, motivate them, and help direct them towards more success.

For information on all Fitness Quest 10 Summer Camps see below:

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FQ10 Elite Current or college bound men and women.  The commitment and expectations of college sports are demanding.  This program is designed to prepare current collegiate or collegiate-bound athletes for the demands of college athletics.  Athletes will learn how to perform the required weight room, speed, and conditioning drills and lifts for their school.   Fitness Quest 10′s athletic performance and injury prevention methods and technologies are integrated into this advanced program.  Spend your summer getting an edge on the competition!  CLICK HERE For More Information.

Call Fitness Quest 10 at 858-271-1171 to register for any of our 2011 Summer Camps.

Jeff has been working at Fitness Quest 10 for the past three years. Jeff specializes in working with young athletes and teams of various sports. He has worked with hundreds of athletes of various abilities and levels including high school, college, and professional. Although Jeff specializes in working with athletes, Jeff also trains the general population. Jeff’s main goal in life is to educate, motivate, and inspire people of all ages about the importance of exercise and nutrition. His desire and enthusiasm to make an impact on peoples’ lives makes Jeff a special trainer and someone who seeks to become better everyday.


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