A Discussion Of Injury And A Lesson Learned

Coach: Hi Parent X, how are you doing today?

Parent X: Great Coach! I wanted to talk to you about my son. As you know, he is just getting off Physical Therapy from his lower leg fracture, and we would like to get him to start training again.

Coach: Ok great! There are still some assessments I’d like to run him through before we hit the ground running, to see the severity of his injury and the time it took to heal.

Parent X: Ok? Well he went through PT for 6 months and I think he is ready to go.  He said he feels “good.”

Coach: I am certainly hoping that this is the case, but as a precautionary I’d like to run him through some movements and see how his leg tolerates simple athletic movements and ground impact.

Parent X: Okay Coach.

One hour passes…session is concluded and Parent X is approached with result of eval.

Coach: Parent X, I hate to say this but he is not completely ready for training. Any ground impact he did caused him pain directly on the site of the injury and he looks as though he had never gone to Physical Therapy.  This is unacceptable on the part of the therapist who treated him.  How long was therapy for?

Parent X: Six months. Thinking that he spent all that time and he hasn’t even healed appropriately is upsetting.  What were they doing?

Coach: You said it, not only has he healed very slowly, he has extremely poor stability and strength on the leg he broke.  I hate to say this to you, but six months has been wasted on poor rehab. Can I recommend you to someone who will help him get back to field quickly and correctly?

Parent X: Please do, my son is going to be very frustrated with this news.

Coach: I know how much he loves training and he can still come in to workout but there are things that we simply cannot do if they are causing pain to him.  No doubt he will be frustrated and feel like he is starting over again, but if he is going to play a contact sport like football; his lower limb must have the strength to perform on the field.  In all honesty, he would be looking at another break or knee injury if this is not addressed.

He must press ahead and do what the “real” PT tells him so that we can get him on the fast rack to recovery. Your son shows much promise in his sport, but his promise can.

Matt Brown joined the Fitness Quest 10 team in 2009 after an intense year long internship. During his internship Matt worked with a variety of athletes, but most of his time was spent with the Scripps Ranch High School football team, under strength coach Ryan Burgess. Matt competed in athletics from a very early age, from soccer to baseball, and eventually to high school football and track where he was a standout athlete in both. After graduating from high school Matt turned his focus from competing in sports to understanding how the body functions both during sports and everyday movement. He believes the body is an amazing organism and his passion ever since high school was to learn how this organism functioned both in high performance and everyday life.


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