Camp Rules and Regulations

Fitness Quest 10

Camp Rules and Regulations



1.               Please observe scheduled camp times.  Upon arriving early, athletes are not to perform any activities outside of our facility (parking lot, etc) unless they are with a coach.  Athletes  may be instructed by a Fitness Quest 10 coach as to stretching or pre-work-out protocols to be performed inside of the facility.

2.               If an athlete is absent from a session, they lose that session.  Refunds will not be administered after initial payment.

3.               Any athlete acting in an unsafe manner that threatens themselves or others will be dismissed without a refund.    

4.               Athletes will be expected to bring the following items to each workout:

  • Proper athletic attire
  • Post workout snack (more information will be given)
  • Water bottle w/water (for field activities)
  • Athletic shoes (cleats are optional on Mondays)
  • Any homework given

5.               Individual sessions are available.  Please see front desk for prices and availabilities.

6.         For at-home drills, subscribe to the Fitness Quest 10 Channel on

In signing this, I understand and agree to adhere to the summer rules and regulations for Fitness Quest 10 camps.

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