2nd FQ10 Client Wins Super Bowl MVP

I hope you are doing fantastic. Were you one of the record-setting 110 million television viewers of Super Bowl XLV on Sunday? If so, you witnessed a very special win by Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.
I mentioned in last month’s feature article that my theme for 2011 was “S.O.U.L.”  The “O” stands for “outrageous fun and adventure.” And let me tell you, my entire Super Bowl XLV experience was extremely adventurous and fun. Between the snow, ice, sleet, rolling black-outs (all of which made the week interesting), Radio Row appearances, work with Gatorade at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, and work with Under Armour – the week leading up to the big game was a good one.


       CLICK HERETo See Todd’s Super Bowl Pre-Game Prediction and Post-Game Celebration

And of course, there was the game. Fitness Quest 10 client Aaron Rodgers turned in a magical MVP performance to lead his Packers to an historic Super Bowl win. Together with long-term FQ 10 client and LB/Special Teams ace Matt Wilhelm, they shared a memorable victory with Packer fans and all of Green Bay. Today’s feature article, The Things You Can’t Measure, shares my recap of the game and how you can step up your game in your quest to be the best.


Create a SUPER day!  Peace and God bless.



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