I Have A Dare For You

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder if I could give up…. [fill in the blank] for a certain period of time? Maybe your vice is coffee, bread, sweets, beer/wine/alcohol, or even television. Or maybe, instead of giving up something, you’d like to do something to prove to yourself that you can. Run a marathon. Work out everyday for a month. Live a week without caffeine…

Now is your chance. I’m starting an “I DARE YOU” campaign. And I want to know your dare for yourself – what is the one thing you are going to commit to doing to improve the quality of your life. Maybe the very best dare is finally booking the dream vacation you’ve been putting off for three years. Maybe it’s giving up something in your life that isn’t necessarily “bad” but you just want to prove to yourself you CAN do it.

Choose your dare and then share it with me. Go to www.facebook.com/ToddDurkinFQ10, LIKE the page, and then share your “Dare.”

Do it today! Master your vice. Don’t let your vice master you! If nothing else, you’ll prove to yourself you CAN. And that’s powerful stuff.

Train hard.

Eat right.

Live inspired!

I dare you…..



About kylesands
Director of Marketing at Fitness Quest 10

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