R U the next Biggest Winner?

Can you believe we are only one week away from Labor Day? For me, Labor Day officially marks the end of summer and gets us prepared for my favorite season: FALL. As great as summer is, I love what’s around the corner!

FALL means FOOTBALL in the Durkin house, but fall is all about change in so many other ways too. Change in weather, change in daylight hours, change in daily routines with the kids back in school. In family life, fall brings the chance to get back to our own personal routines. As a parent, I know many of us welcome getting back some “normalcy” after the craziness of summer.

So speaking of change, we have some really exciting things happening at Fitness Quest 10 to help you “change” up your fitness routine and jumpstart your post-Labor Day fitness goals.

The “Biggest Winner” Contest is back and we are changing it up a bit.

*    Biggest Winner–PARTNERS. Yes, we have decided to change it up and have an off-the-hook, fun, six-week weight-loss challenge for you and only one other teammate (instead of teams of five as in previous contests). The prize will still be $5,000 but this time the winners will split that purse in half instead of five ways. See all the details below and look carefully at some of the amazing specials we will be offering in conjunction with this contest.

I’m pumped-up about this contest and the positive changes we created for you. It’s the jumpstart you need to drive your fitness and conditioning for the fall and moving into the holiday season. Amp up your results, shed some fat, and maybe win some cash!

My friend, I hope you’re ready for one heck of a few months. Because it’s time to get SERIOUS!

I say adios to a great summer and welcome Labor Day.

Many blessings.



About kylesands
Director of Marketing at Fitness Quest 10

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