TD Times–Time For A Spring Cleaning?

I hope you are doing fantastic and your March is off to a great start!  I have always loved the month of March because it signifies “Spring” time.  And to me, Spring time is one of my favorite seasons because it represents growth and new beginnings.

To find out how to maximize your “growth” & new beginnings this month, I have shared “5 Top Ways to Create New Beginnings” in a short, special video.  You can watch that by simply clicking below now:


Spring ahead…See you in the trenches!

Peace and God Bless.
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Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS, Owner, Fitness Quest 10


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2 Responses to TD Times–Time For A Spring Cleaning?

  1. Pamela Brown says:

    I once viewed a webinar you did for the NSCA called “Starting and Running a Sports Conditioning and Fitness Facility” (I may have added a few words). I really enjoyed it and your methods on increasing member retention. I have the notes for when I’m ready to start my own. I’m excited about viewing this blog because I know you give great information.

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